1. The bot currently doesn't work with version 3.1 of the TS client. Please downgrade to an older version. Read this for more information on how to downgrade.



How can I playback audio from streaming sites?

You can install youtube-dl and configure the bot to use it. Afterwards you are able to playback URLs from every source youtube-dl supports. However, there will be no support for youtube-dl related issues.
  • Download youtube-dl from the website (the version of your linux distribution is probably outdated)
  • edit the config.ini and change YoutubeDLPath = "" to YoutubeDLPath = "/your/path/to/youtube-dl"
On launch the bot will tell you if it found youtube-dl and if it’s compatible.

Some websites don't allow downloading, so make sure you don't use the bot for those sites.

Why don’t you support X? (Spotify, …)

Because on one hand it’s too tedious to keep up with all the changes in external libraries without making the bot too unstable and on the other hand because most services terms are forbidding broadcasting or at least unclear about it. However, there will be an interface you can use to extend the bots sources by yourself. This is already implemented but undocumented.

How does Text-to-Speech (TTS) work? I need an URL for that!

Search the forums for some URLs you can use with the bot.

Can I download whole playlists from YouTube?

With the newest version of SinusBot AND the newest version of youtube-dl, this should be possible, even if there are currently some bugs.
So it's possible but not finished.

How can guests control the bot?

You can bind a bot user to a server group for that (for example: your default guest group) and set the privileges you want the guests to have. The webinterface will however always require a login.

I want to integrate the bot into my website / remote control the bot via script. How can I do that?

The API documentation of the Bot can be found here. Samples and libraries can be found in the 3rd party forums.

Can i use Scripts / Linux Beta features with Windows (0.9.8)?

Please upgrade to a newer Windows Beta to get support for scripts! (0.9.13+)
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