1. The bot currently doesn't work with version 3.1 of the TS client. Please downgrade to an older version. Read this for more information on how to downgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get some message like "ELF: not found" on Linux when trying to start the bot. WTF?

You are trying to run the bot on a 32bit OS. Upgrade your system to 64bit to make the bot work (see above: there’s no 32bit version).

I get an error like "what(): locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid". What do I do?

Example Error:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
what(): locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid

On some minimal installs of Debian or other distributions, the locales are not completely installed / built.
This error can be corrected as follow (run as root):

$ apt-get install locales && dpkg-reconfigure locales
$ apt-get install locales
$ locale-gen en_US.UTF-8
$ update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-8
$ reboot

Where are my music files stored? Can I upload files via FTP?

When you upload files to the bot, they will be analyzed, indexed and stored in the data-directory of the bot. This ensures consistency, fast access and independent metadata as well as some other features like deduplication.

However, this means that you cannot simply upload files via FTP or other means as they would not get indexed and thus not be available for the bot itself. There are plans to allow external files in the future, but there's no focus on that right now.

What are the requirements for Youtube DL on Linux?

In order to use Youtube-DL on Linux you need Python (Version 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 or later) and optionally the libav-tools.

On Ubuntu / Debian, these packages can be installed as root via:
$ apt-get install python libav-tools

Do you support CentOS, Fedora, (name your distro)…?

Probably. I’ve heard of people running the bot on ArchLinux, CentOS, Fedora and others. Rule of thumb is: if the TS3 Client can run there, the bot usually can as well. However, these distributions have not been officially tested and there’s no documentation available.

My bot eats a lot of RAM. Why?

The bot itself doesn’t use lots of memory but reserves a fair amount. However, this doesn’t count as used, so you don’t need to worry about it. The actual client instances require more RAM, from which a big part is shared between multiple instances - so again: you probably don’t need to worry about it. Google for more information on how to read memory usage on linux.

Who are the licensed service providers of Sinusbot?

Currently the SinusBot has only 2 licensed Partners. These are: https://www.ts3index.com
and https://www.ts-coach.com/ :)

If you found a Hoster that sells the SinusBot without a valid license provided by the SinusBot Team, you should not buy/rent the SinusBot from them.

I want to integrate the bot into my website / remote control the bot via script. How can I do that?

The API documentation of the Bot can be found here. Samples and libraries can be found in the 3rd party forums.

What's the maximum length/size of music files?

Uploaded files can be limited through the UploadLimit-option in your config.ini.
Downloads are limited to 200MB. An option to change this will follow.

When trying to download the bot, I get errors about SSL. Why and how to fix that?

The whole website now runs on SSL which is far more secure when it comes to software you want to install on your server. However, some linux distributions only have outdated root certificates and those of cloudflare are missing. You can try to upate them via sudo update-ca-certificates on debian/ubuntu.

Otherwise, you can try to use
curl -O https://......

Can i use Scripts / Linux Beta features with Windows (0.9.8)?

Please upgrade to a newer Windows Beta to get support for scripts! (0.9.13+)

My bot is starting up but playback is not possible / I hear strange things / …! Why?

Make sure you copied the plugin like said in the documentation.

On Windows I get the following error: Error spawning instancefork/exec... WTF?

Most people who see this error have the compatibility mode enabled for either the bot or the TS3 client. Please disable the compatibility mode and try again.

Could not open /tmp/.sinusbot.lock. Is SinusBot already running?

Remove the file with rm /tmp/.sinusbot.lock and make sure not to run the bot as root.

I get an error when starting: Updating database to v7... 6 / Error on database operations: there is already another table or index with this name:

This is a bug in the database upgrade process which happens when you upgrade from <= 0.9.9 to a newer version, go back to <= 0.9.9 and then try to upgrade again (or more likely: when starting the bot via ./ts3bot, even when the newer version ./sinusbot is installed).

To get around this, please carefully do the following:
  • stop the bot process completely
  • edit your config.ini and add
    Pragma = 7
    at the top
  • start the bot and wait 2-3 minutes
  • shut down the bot again
  • remove that Pragma entry (this is really important)
  • start the bot normally
That should fix it.

Someone told me to fix the file permissions. How do I do that?

Given your bot has been installed in
and you've added a user sinusbot with the group sinusbot as well, run the following commands:

chown -R sinusbot:sinusbot /opt/sinusbot

Why are you guys so rude?

Sounds like you got an answer you didn't like or think we haven't treated you the way you expect us to.
Usually the staff and the community is really nice. We usually answer to whatever questions you have and we are very patient - even if you're a newbie.

Still, people answer in their spare time and get asked some questions over and over again, even if they have been answered well in the FAQ or on the forums in general. That really gets annoying fast. And because you just didn't search the FAQ or forums before asking on the chat or in a new thread, or posted a thread in caps only (and maybe with the words "FAST!", "ASAP!" or such), you're basically saying that you think your time is worth more than the time of the people you ask. And that is way more rude than just a short unfriendly answer. So please keep that in mind.

If you are such a user: next time, use the search functionality before you ask something. Read the "READ ME BEFORE YOU POST" threads (yes, they're in caps for that reason!) as well.

If you did some research before asking, please tell people that / what you did. If people are still being rude, there have probably been other users just before you asked your question, who didn't do research before. So please be a little patient in such cases and ask kindly again.

Last but not least: the users of this forum speak many different languages, many of them are not native English or German speakers. Politeness can get lost in translation really fast as can messages be interpreted as "rude" even if they're not meant to be. Calm down and try to do your best in understanding each other in such cases :)
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