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Fortnite Rotation [fortniteapi.com]

TS3 Fortnite Rotation [fortniteapi.com] 0.3.2

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This is a must have update, now the channel description looks twice as good!
I found out that TS3 has BB code and now those items are shown as a table in channel description!
It is working the best mostly with 100x100 images size.

You can switch between table and column displaying in the web interface.

Thanks to @Multivitamin for helping me with one function!
In this update, I added:
- Upcoming items [ Placeholder: %upcoming% ]

(Remember, there are lots of upcoming / daily / featured items - you can not put them all into one channel, since TS3 doesn't support that much text in one channel - you will have to separate at least upcoming items from daily and featured items)

Requested by @JustEbu
This update doesn't bring anything new, but again, just makes the code faster and more readable.

Big thanks to @irgendwr @Multivitamin @Diesmon
for helping me understand JS more, and teaching me new things!

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From now on, this script won't support any old version of Sinusbot, only the newest.

- Tiny edit in the code