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I've updated the script to be able to work with updated version of the API.

I have also changed the whole code, everything works a bit differently now, but the result is basically the same.

Thanks for using my script. <3
Code went through a lots of changes, including
new way to show items in the channel,
automatic shop items refresh,
custom amount of columns,
completely custom image size
different image types..

and more!

Documentation on the "Overview" page has been updated.
If you encounter any problems, please contact me in the discussion.
This update just renames the script, nothing else!

(Note: Your settings will be reset, if you update to this version)
Again, TS3 (TS5 doesn't) has some issues with ignoring parameters in image URL,
so the API author (just & only for me) made a way how to avoid this. Big big big big big big big big thanks to him! He made so many changes, just because of TS3 is TS3..

Images should be shown properly now.
The API had a change, but the fault goes on TeamSpeak software, not on the API, because for some reason, just and only TS3 (TeamSpeak 5 can) can not follow redirected images / links.

- example.com/example_image.png
- subdomain.example.com/example_image.png

What can I say.. just our good old TeamSpeak software.
But I fixed it by adding the redirected URL manually..
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The API that I get items from, will require an API key to get the data, you can get one here:
and then put it in the configuration - API keys are not needed at the time of writing,
BUT API Keys will become mandatory starting October 14th (2019).
Hello guys!

Fortnite script stopped working for a while, because old API owner sold it to a new owner, that (at least for now) broke it and made it unusable.
// Big thanks @Vxrious and @JustEbu for reporting this issue.

But never lose hope! I found a new API, with a different owner, which was so kind to add features that I needed to make this script working as it was in the past, he goes by name Quentin, and the API can be found here - https://fortniteapi.io.

Image sizes changed to: "64x64", "128x128", "256x256", "512x512"

Code was also a bit improved.

Thanks for using this script! <3
- upcoming items sometimes could not be shown in the channel description because there was so much of them, that it did not fit there, so I removed the "Price" data from them, because they were always "???"
- syntax was updated a little bit, not really important for you
This is a must have update, now the channel description looks twice as good!
I found out that TS3 has BB code and now those items are shown as a table in channel description!
It is working the best mostly with 100x100 images size.

You can switch between table and column displaying in the web interface.

Thanks to @Multivitamin for helping me with one function!
In this update, I added:
- Upcoming items [ Placeholder: %upcoming% ]

(Remember, there are lots of upcoming / daily / featured items - you can not put them all into one channel, since TS3 doesn't support that much text in one channel - you will have to separate at least upcoming items from daily and featured items)

Requested by @JustEbu
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