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  • If you want to test the new SinusBot for Windows that is compatible with TS version 3.1 & the current Discord version, please use this version.

Internal Windows Beta (64bit) 0.13.37

No permission to download
Always check the Updates-Tab for the latest information on this BETA.

Thank you very much for participating in this beta test. Should you encounter any bugs, feel free to post a detailed bug-report in the forum.


Scripts can be added by copying them to the scripts-subfolder. More information can be found in the wiki and a documentation for the Script-API can be found here.
First release
Last update
3.33 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bugfix & Feature Release

    feat(vm): add new interface to manage SinusBot accounts feat(vm): add access to channel...
  2. Bugfix & Feature Release

    added 3.1.6+ compatibility TS3 now optional (if you want to use TS3, make sure to select it in...

Latest reviews

Can't select the TS3 component during installation.
Then follow the instructions and install the correct teamspeak client before trying to install the bot (and posting nonsense reviews).
In the previous version of the Windows Sinusbot the plugins worked well with the commands, now I do not
Still can't select to install the TeamSpeak component
I can not even run!
Awesome! Way better than the paied ts music bot!
A miracle happened :) Like tab "Download scripts"
Hehe ;)