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!rent - Master & Slave Bots

Outdated !rent - Master & Slave Bots 2016-02-16

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Version: SinusBot 0.9.10-e1fdee3 and above required

implements following commands

- !rent
- !release
- !come

Activate the script for one bot and choose the option MASTER in the Script Settings. This Master Bot will control all other slave bots and has to be connected to the TeamSpeak Server all the time.

Activate the script for all other slave bots who will be controlled by the master bot. It is not necessary that the slave bots are connected to the TeamSpeak server.

If a client writes the !rent command to the master bot, the master bot will call a slave bot for the client. That means, one slave bot will connect to the teamspeak server and join the channel of the client automatically. The Name of the Bot will be 'BOT__<name of user who used !rent>'

If a slave bot owner writes !release to the slave bot, the slave bot will disconnect from the Server

If a slave bot owner joins another channel, he can write !come to his slave bot. The slave bot will follow into the new channel if there is no other bot already.



- Each client and channel can have only one slave bot at the same time
- If a client, who owns a slave bot, disconnect from the server, the slave bot will remain in the channel until the last user leaves the channel. The Bot will rename itself to 'BOT__free<channelId>'

what you have to do:
- grant the bot the rights to join channels
- grant your user the rights to control the bots

known issues
- user who have not the rights to control the bot, can !rent a bot
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Latest reviews

Ich habe alles eingestellt doch es klappt nicht
Everything works as expected great work
Es wäre schön,wenn man Identitäten eingeben könnte anstatt das automatisch zu machen,da ich aufm v-server nur 2 Krieg und deshalb den sinusbot mehrmals ausführe,geht es nicht. Schade
Autor: Can you add that the BOT is free when he got kicked? Or an opportunity where a picked admin can command the BOT? :) That will be awsome! :D
Klappt gut, danke.
Warten wir mal auf die mehr Instanzen :)
the problem is we only have 2 bots :/
Hi Victor,

yes, thats true. There are only a few users out there with more instanze.

We all have to wait a little bit longer :)