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RLNT Move on Connect

TS3 RLNT Move on Connect 1.0.0

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3
To run this script you need the OKlib!
Download it here

Hey Leute

Heute will ich mein 'Move on Connect' - Script vorstellen.
Mit diesem Script kann man einzelne User oder auch ganze Gruppen in konfigurierbare
Channel moven, wenn sie auf den Server verbinden.

Viel mehr ist hierzu nicht zu sagen. Ihr könnt mit dem Script beispielsweise für verschiedene
Gruppen eigene Eingangshallen erstellen, oder User direkt in ihre privaten Räume moven
lassen, sofern diese existieren.
Hey guys

Today, I want to present my 'Move on Connect' - Script.
With this script you can move users or whole groups to configurable channels when they
connect to the server.

There is nothing more to say about this. With the script you can custom entrance halls for
example or you can move users directly move to their private rooms as long as they exist.

The current version of the script is still made in the scripting version that only supports
Es5 so it's below Sinus Bot v1.0.0. However it should work with the newest Sinus Bot
anyways. I will update this script when v1.0.0 of the Sinus Bot is also out for Windows.
If you are having any problems or errors, feel free to comment or send a pm to me.

  • Author: RLNT <https://github.com/RLNT>
  • SinusBot-Discord - filled with helpful people <https://discord.gg/h6s5Ykc>
  • Multivitamin - helps comensating my stupidness (sometimes :D)
  • irgendwer - the "rude" part of Multivitamin but helps me too :*
  • Diesmon - Author of OKlib and also helpful
  • Tuetchen - Author of OKlib
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