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Source RCON Query

Source RCON Query 1.3.0

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Source RCON Query

This script can be used to control a server that supports the SOURCE rcon protocol (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_RCON_Protocol)

The script is tested with Garrys Mod, Minecraft and CS:GO servers.
For Minecraft you need to enable RCON in the server.properties first!

You can set up multiple servers which you can choose from via the webgui or via privat chat.

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Edit the sinusbot config file to give this script "net" permissions
    • [Scripts.Privileges]
    • SourceRconQuery = ["net"]

The following commands are supported:
  • !rcon <command> : Executes the specified command on the currently selected server
  • !rcon_list : Lists all saved rcon servers
  • !rcon_select <id> : Connects to the selected rcon server
  • !rcon_info : Shows connection information about the currently selected rcon server
  • !rcon_connect <server: Port> <password> : Connects to the specified rcon server
  • !rcon_disconnect : Disconnects from the current rcon server
  • !rcon_save <serverName> <groupID>: Saves the currently selected rcon server and locks it to a serverGroup - if there is none given its locked to the user
  • !rcon_delete <id> : Deletes a rcon server from the database
  • !rcon_help : Displays these commands

Special thanks to wazer for testing this script.

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

==This Script was requested by wazer==

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Latest updates

  1. Source RCON Query 1.3.0

    Update to latest Sinusbot Version
  2. Source RCON Query 1.2.3

    Fixed a minor bug with connection losses not being registered (same as in other scripts that use...
  3. Source RCON Query 1.2.2

    Fixed a bug with messages of length > 1024

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