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Steam Server Information

Steam Server Information 1.1.4

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Steam Server Information

This Script is showing the current online state of various steam servers.
The information is queried from https://steamstat.us/.
This information can than be displayed either in a channels description or name or it can broadcast on change to users of a specific server group.

There are multiple ways of displaying these information:
  • Privat Chat Message to users of a specific server group
  • Channel Message in the bots current channel
  • In a channels name via placeholders
  • In a channels description via placeholders


Currently supported servers
  • 'steam',
  • 'cms', (Connection Manager)
  • 'community',
  • 'store',
  • 'webapi',
  • 'tf2', (Team Fortress 2)
  • 'dota2',
  • 'csgo', (Counterstrike Global Offensive)
  • 'csgo_sessions', (CS:GO Logon)
  • 'csgo_community', (CS:GO Player Inventory)
  • 'csgo_mm_scheduler', (CS:GO Matchmaking Scheduler)
  • 'csgo_australia',
  • 'csgo_brazil',
  • 'csgo_chile',
  • 'csgo_emirates',
  • 'csgo_eu_east',
  • 'csgo_eu_north',
  • 'csgo_eu_west',
  • 'csgo_hong_kong',
  • 'csgo_india',
  • 'csgo_india_east',
  • 'csgo_japan',
  • 'csgo_peru',
  • 'csgo_singapore',
  • 'csgo_south_africa',
  • 'csgo_spain',
  • 'csgo_us_northeast',
  • 'csgo_us_northwest',
  • 'csgo_us_southeast',
  • 'csgo_us_southwest'

Example Settings

Make sure the bot has sufficient permissions to edit the channels if this option is used.

Special thanks to wazer for the idea and testing this script.
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Last update
4.00 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Steam Server Information 1.1.4

    Removed some annoying error messages (by removing the error not the logging)
  2. Steam Server Information 1.1.3

    Hotfix for API Problem - Not a Final Solution but will work.... probably.
  3. Steam Server Information 1.1.2

    Fixed a bug that "all" wasnt working anymore - API renamed csgo_hk to csgo_hong_kong

Latest reviews

It's not really working anymore.
Not working...
Works Great!
Not working for me.
Fantastic Tool, I don't play CSGO much anymore, but there is people in my TS that do, and this is quite the handy tool for that.

PS: Would like to request this if possible, the stat that tracks the total number of concurrent steam users online. IE:
Online on Steam: 11,315,822
Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! it's possible to make it one for League of Legends ? It would be great!!
Great Plugin,
do you think it is possible to make one of these for Overwatch and Battle.net?
Not possible as there is no public API for Battlenet / Overwatch
it works completly fine until steam is down..the steamstatus on the website is either unknown or no session or HTTP error..but it doesnt updates that into the channel
Not steam itself but steam status (which has nothing to do with steam) - but yeah thats right currently
Funktioniert Super! Sehr Gute Arbeit!
Great plugin, thank's !