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TS3 Support++ 2.5.1 - fix

No permission to download
md5 [daf038986cdf940ee9f2d2082ffae19f]
- fix: undefined channel hours description
- fix: http module error (outdated)
- add http permission request
- start register commands (not work!)
- remove: !help license copyright
- fix: audios and content type

more information: https://medium.com/support-pp/2-5-1-fix-360c04de91bb
md5 [null]
  • fix required modules config for the new v8.
  • remove website view

more information: https://medium.com/support-pp/2-5-0-for-sinusbot-1-0-c671332435be

Warning: Please update your Sinusbot to the version 1.0. If you want to use this version!

In keeping with the pre-Christmas season there is no real update for you this time but we would like to give you something back.

Just answer the questions on https://xmas.support-pp.de/ and you can take part.

Here you can read more about the giveaway:

Many thanks to DATHosting* for the provided prizes.
* This is an affiliate link, if you buy via this we get a small commission, the price for you remains unchanged.
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v2.0.4.9-2.4 (Christmas)
md5 [a72db5c0b38a2c573b877cc7f92976fb]
- added (*) to required fields
- changed string to password at database module
- add newsletter module
- add field support hours to channel edit module
- remove language German
- change license and copyright information

- add new christmas audios

more information: https://medium.com/support-pp/update-2-0-4-9-2-x-59dfa60a6cd7

@irgendwr @mxschmitt thats the last version with broken version numbers ;)
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md5 [89217516148038fa0e14783c0a7c991f]
- resolve bug issues #28

Don't use Version This version include a bug. Update to the latest version:
More Information:
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md5 [44D66C0ABD87267CDE22FDF587B96027]
- add coffee break module ( Resolved #22)
- change license owner from VerHext to support++
The copyright from the script is moved to the org Support++

Beitrag: https://medium.com/support-pp/update-2-0-4-9-2-3-8f7ee72dfdfb
md5 [2C643D6DBBBD218846ED0077189E517B]
- fix automatic channel close manager by leave
- fix unauth access to db
fix: We solved the channel manager. Now the channel will closed, if you leave the server.

You find a problem / bug: https://github.com/Support-pp/Support-pp/issues
Discord: https://discord.gg/3acZCcu
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dsgvo-3344140_960_720 (1).jpg
Hallo Support++ Nutzer,

wir freuen uns dir heute unsere (spontane) Version zu veröffentlichen. Der Grund dafür sind Anpassungen unseres Scriptes an die DSGVO. In dieser Version sind Funktionen drinnen, die erst in der Nächsten Version in Verbindung mit dem Webinterface funktionieren. Wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck an dieser Version...

Kurze Information zum Datenschutz.
Für die Projektleitung von Support++ ist Schutz von persönlichen Daten an höchster Stelle. Wir haben in den letzten Monaten viel an unserer Infrastruktur gearbeitet. Ab sofort werden alle Input Nachrichten an unsere Discord API mit dem ECDH key exchange verfahren Verschlüsselt.

Wie funktioniert das?
Sinusbot übermittelt die Nachricht an unsere Server. Hier werden sie mit einer "sharedMac" verschlüsselt und in unserer Datenbank (Standort: AWS central-1) gespeichert. Zur Generierung des "sharedKey" wird ihr Discord hash id Token verwendet. (Nicht von DISCORD, sondern durch ein hash verfahren von uns Generiert. ) Somit können die Nachrichten nur von Ihnen entschlüsselt werden. Weder AWS (Amazon Web Service) noch wir können Ihre Tickets lesen. Die Daten sind so in der DB sicher gespeichert.
Durch einen Auftragsverarbeitungsvertrag ist die Nutzung durch Amazon Web Service geregelt.

IP Adressen wurden von uns noch nie gespeichert oder weiterverarbeitet. Und auch diese trifft in der Zukunft zu. Wir bedanken uns für das Vertrauen von über 67 Nutzer der Discord Ticket API.

Sie haben jederzeit die Möglichkeit, bei uns Auskunft über Ihre gespeicherten Daten zu erhalten. Genauso löschen wir alle Ihre personenbezogene Daten auf Anfrage. E-Mail: [email protected]

Was ist neu in der Version?
- we use now the statuspage.io service ( https://status.support-pp.de )
- Anpassung des Scriptes an die DSGVO.
- Script interner Datenschutz erneuert.

- change license to MIT
- change a small bug (wrong api request...)
- change discord api encryption
- add website api request... (for the next version)
- add 6 pro member to the script. Thank you for the support <3
So now it is time for the next version. Thanks for all BETA tester from the version
Now we can release the version without lots of bugs.


- change API url from (https://discordbot.api.allesverhext.d:3099) -> (https://api.support-pp.de)
- fix small bug in the channel edit module
- add Discord support for tickets.
- add people and text to the header of "support-pp.js" who support us with a donation.

- fix "id" undefined error.
- add module activate request. ("replace" of undefine error.)
- add FeedbackSystem #1
- set default value to undefined vars.
- rework the Discord bot.
- add more vars to the TicketSystem #45
- all sub afk channel selected (for big server) #46
- discord message now avaible in embed or norm message. #4
- fixing TicketSytsem #10
- add request telegram activated #41
- advanced ChannelEdit commands #7
- add config for notification mode for supporter and user seperate #37
- allow BBCode for discord #3
- allow now external storage via MySQL #42
- add a new tutorial for ChannelEdit (created by DJJayT)

For new update check out our gitlab server (https://gitlab.support-pp.de).

Hello Community,

the new update is here with many great new features.

- add var liste to easy change the system vars. (start at line 1735)
- add kick out feature, when support channel closed. Request by @Niklas1507
- fix variable '&spI' (show the online supporter (int))

- add private police accept box (pro only)
- change Discord secturity token to sha(256) hash
- add PRO version feature

- change and add lots of small things in the "Support++ Discord bot"
- add /reply function for the PRO version.
- fix Discord notification
- change db type for pro tickets
- add commad to show all tickets (for the next pro feature)
- fix var name
- add new Tutorials. Thanks <3 @DJJayT
- In the future we will update our design. (As similar as the tutorials)

The next update takes a bit longer as we're developing a TicketAPI.

Thanks to all who work on Project Support++.
I hope you like the update. We appreciate every honest review...
Help? Visit our Discord for Insider Infos and Updates.
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