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YouTube Live Notification 0.8

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With this script you can configurate YouTube-Channels and the script will check if this channel is live on YouTube if a new user enters the teamspeak. If someone is live, the new client will recieve a configurable message (containing link and name).
At the moment I decided to only send these messages if the streamer is online in your teamspeak, so there are no ads for people streaming out of other servers. If I should make this configurable, let me know.

You need a YouTube Data API Key to make this script work. To create one, follow these instructions at least until step 3b. Make sure to activate YouTube Data API v3.
There is a limit of requests you can make everday. My Server never reached this, but if you do, let me know and I'll implement an option that you can use more than one API-Key.

Leave a review if you enjoy this script or report bugs! I'll try to fix them asap.
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