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  1. Tyloendis

    EN [Request]A simple script for writing to a database

    An Example: I have a chess competition on my TS3. Anyone who would like to participate, would write "!chess" command to the bot. And I would like to see who wrote this command. Oh and it would be nice if only users with a certain servergroups could use this command.
  2. Tyloendis

    EN Getting a servergroup if user has an other servergroup

    Is there a script for this case? It would be nice addon for a ranking and an icon limit script: Upon ranking up, a user get a server group, which would allow him/her to get more game groups, than the limit script would allow.
  3. Tyloendis

    EN [Request] Icon limit

    We had one script for this. But it haven't been updated for a long time and now with the new sinusbot version don't work at all. Exclude server groups would be an important part of this script. Maybe...Is it possible to get server groups by " i_group_sort_id" permission? Then the script could...
  4. Tyloendis

    EN Would be a really nice script

    So, we have Automatic Server Group Assigner from Tuetchen and Simple custom commands from Irgendwer. If somebody could combinate the two... Then somebody could write for an example: !lol to the bot, and he/she could get a League of Legends servergroup. Is it possible?