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  1. Tuetchen

    EN Game Server Query Error

    You havent even written an Error
  2. Tuetchen

    Error on line 777

    I see.
  3. Tuetchen

    Error on line 777

    Are you even reading your own messages?
  4. Tuetchen

    Server Group Messenger 1.0

    Server Group Messenger Just a small Script that allows you to get an automatic Message displayed to a Client whenever he gets a specific Server Group assigned. Installation Move the script file to the script folder Feedback or suggestions are welcome. ==This Script was requested by...
  5. Tuetchen

    Donation in Bitcoins

    So its not bitcoin but another coin
  6. Tuetchen

    Donation in Bitcoins

    Donating with bitcoins would be quite useless as the current transaction fees are around 30-40 euro if i remember correctly
  7. Tuetchen

    Feature Script socket connections

    Sockets are available since almost a year
  8. Tuetchen


    You need a valid reason first why you would need a commercial licence - they are not given to everyone
  9. Tuetchen

    Solved Lizenz

    Oh nein - Der Lisensenmann kommt
  10. Tuetchen

    Feature Request

    Nobody knows - Nobody knows.
  11. Tuetchen

    Solved Scripts giving issues

    The warning has nothing to do with the need of restarting tho - no idea why you have to do that but not because of that warnings
  12. Tuetchen

    Discord - TS Gateway

    Possible? With the current API only with an incredible high delay (recording a few seconds on ts and then play this file on the discord maybe?)
  13. Tuetchen

    Hm... mal gucken - Author war zwischendurch wieder da und es gab keinerlei Reaktion... also werd...

    Hm... mal gucken - Author war zwischendurch wieder da und es gab keinerlei Reaktion... also werd ich mir das vllt ma die Tage annehmen
  14. Tuetchen

    Solved Music per FPT hochladen

    Meiner Meinung nach wird die Welt von dem fliegenden Spaghettimonster regiert!!!
  15. Tuetchen

    Solved Music per FPT hochladen

    Es gibt kein FTP - Sprecht mir nun alle nach: "Ich nutze kein FTP, weil es veralteter Müll ist"
  16. Tuetchen

    Solved Music per FPT hochladen

    1. FTP is veraltet und wird niemals eingebaut - garantiert 2. Aktuell noch nichts in die Richtung geplant meines Wissens nach
  17. Tuetchen

    Solved Scripts giving issues

    There is none except downgrading to - and even then the timeout messages can appear
  18. Tuetchen

    Automatic Channel Group Assigner - Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.2

    Added Option to ignore moved Clients