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  1. doman991

    err from ytdl: exit status 1

    Found this today nothing changed on the server. WARNING: Writing cache to u'/home/sinusbot/.cache/youtube-dl/youtube-sigfuncs/js_7862ca1f_105.json' failed: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/cache.py", line 49, in store...
  2. doman991

    Solved All scripts stopped working

    Instead of using all old files i used only that files that i actually need like scripts passwords etc
  3. doman991

    Solved All scripts stopped working

    Hello, After updating sinusbot and some server things using script and manually all my scripts stopped working or it seems scripts work for less than second after joining to the server then stop. Bot is able to play music which is already downloaded. I was checking privilege power and because of...