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  1. rubencm

    Feature Default Playlist/Radio Station

    When i set to play a track as iddle, i think it has conflict with AloneMode script. Log: 2016/02/14 06:05:12 cef61f29 95378d99 PLUGIN [idle] Starting idle check 2016/02/14 06:05:19 cef61f29 50baab1d PLUGIN [idle] Starting idle check 2016/02/14 06:05:19 cef61f29 95378d99 PLUGIN [aloneMode]...
  2. rubencm

    Spanish translation - Spanish translation

    Spanish translation How to install Paste es.json into data/locales folder (create it if doesn't exist) Open the web interface and change language to Spanish in your personal settings
  3. rubencm

    Spanish translation

    rubencm submitted a new resource: Spanish translation - spanish translation Read more about this resource...