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  1. Everlike

    TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter 0.2.2

    This script deletes channels that are unused for a specific amount of time. Want to get rid of losing semi-temporary-channels that are gone after a simple restart or "dead" channels that nobody uses anymore? Check this out! Perfect in combination with @Tuetchen ´s private channal manager. You...
  2. Everlike

    Pizza Timer - Pizza Timer

    Changelog You can now choose between a reminder "poke" or "message" when the clients pizza is ready via Sinusbot-Webinterface, it is default set to "poke". Clients now get a confirmation message when the timer has been successfully set. Confirmation messages are now changeable via...
  3. Everlike

    Pizza Timer 0.5.1

    Description This simple script will remind you´r clients of their food in the oven! Just write "!pizza 5" via private message to the bot and the bot will write you a message 5 minutes later, to remind you of you food! The client can vary the time by just changing the number behind !pizza...
  4. Everlike

    Kann mich nicht einloggen, bitte um hilfe!

    Eine Meldung, dass das Passwort falsch ist, erscheint im Webinterface auch nicht!