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  1. DS_DV

    EN Sinusbot Installer Script

    on Ubtuntu 22.04 i got an error while starting the bot: the Solution was installing a missing Dependency: sudo apt-get install -y libxdamage-dev maybe @Qhiliqq can add that to the installscript (:
  2. DS_DV

    disable Webinterface / Port

    path for this workaround is: /opt/sinusbot/config.ini which syntax is used to comment out some lines in this .ini? with kind regards
  3. DS_DV

    disable Webinterface / Port

    that sounds great ! any hint where to set this option?
  4. DS_DV

    disable Webinterface / Port

    H Hello, How can I disable the webinterface / port? I tired blocking in in ufw but it seams some script is writing it directly to ip tables. and even if I delete it there it gets ‘reopend’ Is there a config line or something where I can disable the web interface? With kind regards