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    Bug delete music in a playlist folder (playlist is deleted)

    oops youtube-dl was located on a other folder but i still have the problem i cant delete playlist folders in all music
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    Bug delete music in a playlist folder (playlist is deleted)

    unless 2015.11.02 is not the right version idk
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    Bug delete music in a playlist folder (playlist is deleted)

    so i found out after updating YT-Dl and restarting sinusbot i still have this bugg and i wanted to delete the play list that worked but the playlist folder was still in the all music folder i wanted to delete it but it doesn't happen i get this https://gyazo.com/db7751fb8133e6362f4fa4e84e87f8dc
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    Feature Text to Speech

    not even if we believe?
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    Feature Text to Speech

    Hello sinusbot forum i wanted to ask or request if it was possible to not use a online text to speech version use your own text to speech on the local machine i know that streamtip uses Windows native local text to speech API can we also use for sinusbot on Linux? or at least on the windows...
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    New Forums!

    wow nice i hope i win https://twitter.com/sinusbot/status/647549277607174144 :3
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    start on boot / command ignores users

    i got some little problems :( also i cant seem to find a script to restart the bot on boot like sometimes i have to restart the vps and than i have to redo the commands of the bot to get it running without root thx anyways :>