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  1. w3r3w0lf

    No commands after uploading licenses and updates

    Thanks! I´ve tested it. First, nothing seemed to be working like the last update. After a bit of testing, the following procedure worked for me: 1. unload all scripts (seems to save but didn´t apply in the backend -> manual bot restart) 2. load the scripts again. Edit: The fix seems to be...
  2. w3r3w0lf

    Problem with scripts and internal error

    I don´t know if it could help, but the docker version seems to be fine. Both instances are running with version 0.14.3-0e747fd. It´s the exact same setup.
  3. w3r3w0lf

    Solved BB-Code Nutzung - SinusBot 0.13.37-f7e9ece

    Mhhey! Folgendes ist mir in dem neuen Bot Release aufgefallen. Es sind zwar nur Kleinigkeiten, möchte sie jedoch gern mitteilen: SinusBot 0.13.37-f7e9ece Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-042stab127.2 x86_64) Die URL im BB-Code wird von Befehl zu Befehl abweichend behandelt: !yt...