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  1. r3flex

    EN TS3 Ranking system

    The script adds you to a given server group upon reaching given time. It counts and displays your all time spent on the server and displays on specified channel. It works with database, you have to specify the module in config.ini. Tested for past 2 months. - You have to create mysql database...
  2. r3flex

    Sinusbot on FreeBSD

    OS: VPS FreeBSD 10.3 64-bit When I try to start SinusBot there's an error. I did update ports. ./sinusbot: error while loading shared libraries: libswresample.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  3. r3flex

    EN Usage of ForEach Loop

    How do I implement the foreach iteration? I use the following code but unfortunately doesnt work, any ideas? <code> // Gets a list of all clients and sends them a message var backend = require('backend'); var clients = backend.getClients(); clients.forEach(function(client) {...