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  1. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed - Minor Improvements

    Removed country name in channel name , numbers too large, fixed formatting error in global tracking data.
  2. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed - fixes

    small fixes
  3. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed - API updated

    API updated
  4. devdanetra

    Script doesn't work

    I can do it from scratch , hit me up in the DMs
  5. devdanetra

    TS3 Anti Admin Abuse [AAA Script] - Fixing code

    Fixing code
  6. devdanetra

    EN Accepting Script Requests

    I am currently accepting scripts requests to enlarge my resource. Hit me up in DM if you have a cool idea but don't know how to realise it.
  7. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed - Province tracker and minor fixes

    Added province tracker (Idea by kektemps Thanks!) Bug type updater fix Minor fixes
  8. devdanetra

    TS3 Anti Admin Abuse [AAA Script] 1.2.0

    This script simply sets a limit to bans , kicks and channel deletes in a specified time. Version 1.2.0 is the working one. If someone goes over that limits , all the server group are going to be removed to him and he gets banned for given time and reason . Tip for the configuration : Time is...
  9. devdanetra

    EN Request anti-ban script

    I can do it, hit me up in dms
  10. devdanetra

    TS3 Genders selector 1.0

    Let your users choose their gender and gives selected gender group. Thanks to Galo for the idea and helping testing. ;)
  11. devdanetra

    EN Script request

    I just made it for csgo game , if you need it for another game just let me know Script
  12. devdanetra

    TS3 FACEIT [CS:GO] Script 1.0

    FACEIT tracker for your TS3 server - Automatically gives faceit cs:go level to your users. !faceit setuser <faceitusername> (Links your faceit account to your ts3 account)!!CASE SENSITIVE!! !faceit unsetuser (Unlinks the account) !faceit me (Shows you basic statistics) !faceit track (Starts...
  13. devdanetra

    EN I need a captcha script for sinusbot.

    I was thinking about images captchas
  14. devdanetra

    EN I need a captcha script for sinusbot.

    I can do it for free for you , just contact me on the forums
  15. devdanetra

    EN Script request

    I can do it for you for free. Just contact me on the forums
  16. devdanetra

    EN world of tanks

    @Alex6868 I can create it for you for free. Contact me on the forum
  17. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed - !coronavirus map , Editable translations

    added !coronavirus map added configs for translations minor fixes
  18. devdanetra

    TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed 1.3.5

    Provides a live feed about COVID-19 state. Commands : !coronavirus (global statistics) !coronavirus <countryname> (Country based statistics) !coronavirus map !coronavirus help (shows this simple info) Global statistics tracker : You can choose to track info (global and country based) on...