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  1. Lala Sabathil

    Ich weis nicht Warum er nicht installieren möchte

    Das ist nicht der Lösungsweg. Schreib mich mal bitte via discord kurz an. Aiko~Chan#0001
  2. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot does not start

    Problem: Stratoserver. Well most common problem is the timezone of the server. Well but this part of the log, says something about it. And that's why Strato is... Weil it can be, that you're ip is banned in sinusbot. Then this error fits, I think. @Multivitamin would you look whether...
  3. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot Lizenz

  4. Lala Sabathil


    Flyth is working on anotber project and sinusbot was always a hobby / private project. So please don't ask when. No Eta for everything here.
  5. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot Lizenz

    Das kannst du ignorieren, da sich der Wert niemals ändern wird. Du kannst immer nur zwei Instanzen erstellen, allerdings hat die Lizenz X Bots fest drin, die du auch nicht löschen kannst. Dennoch kannst du nur die 2 Instanzen erstellen / löschen.
  6. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot Lizenz

  7. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot Lizenz

    Donor++ hat sub aktiviert. Siehst du daran, dass du den transmit mode ändern kannst in den Instanz Einstellungen.
  8. Lala Sabathil

    Minecraft Server Status Help

    Search Google for minecraft rcon
  9. Lala Sabathil

    youtube.dl not working

    Do not override the permission of bin files! Maybe set chmod +x And in this case it's under /bin/!
  10. Lala Sabathil

    Solved Licenses

    Erstens kaufen tut man ja nicht. Zweitens, deine Lizenz ist bestimmt noch nicht ausgestellt. Drittens, wenn, dann wird die private.dat in das Verzeichnis des bits geladen und ggf die schon vorhandene Datei ersetzt.
  11. Lala Sabathil


    How you will re-register when sinusbot is vanished. What's with YouTube dl?
  12. Lala Sabathil


    Oh Boi. A bit more of respect please. Flyth could delete everything when he wants it. So I would stay calm and nice.
  13. Lala Sabathil

    Digital Clock help

    Please read the Read before post
  14. Lala Sabathil

    Could not import file after I used --force-ipv4

    Well this is no problem of sinusbot. It's your problem. You can close this directly. We can't help you with banned things on 3rdparty things.
  15. Lala Sabathil

    Solved A couple of questions

    Want to give it a try?
  16. Lala Sabathil

    Bot muted when remote session is closed

    I don't trust this statement. One simple Google search and I had it Here https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/disconnecting-rdp-bot-mutes-it-self.5521/
  17. Lala Sabathil

    Bot muted when remote session is closed

    Please search the forum. This problem happened often an there are already ways to solve. Just search. We don't need to go through it again and again
  18. Lala Sabathil

    I cant create instance for TS3 only for Discord

    Why can't people search a forum..
  19. Lala Sabathil