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  1. Gagi2

    Script startet nicht...

    Bearbeite mal das in deiner Config LogLevel = 10 LogFile = "/home/voice/sinusbot/sinusbot.log" Pfad zumLogfile natürlich nach deinen Gegebenheiten anpassen dann startest du den Bot einmal neu und führst alle Schritte (Webinterface etc) nochmal aus und danach checkst du das Logfile
  2. Gagi2

    Donated expected license key to generate for me cannot find it please help

    you are not buying here anything... you are donating to show the developer you like his work... in return you get a license... if you request it... within a few days... also the devs have a private life and are not only here to serve your wishes "i will file grievance with PayPal for return of...
  3. Gagi2

    Per user music folders

    for my part the files are recognized and listed correctly in the admin panel and also played in teamspeak but if you do a search in teamspeak it tells you nothing can be found...
  4. Gagi2

    EN Can Sinusbot detect the special TS badges?

    this should be discussed in the teamspeak forums for finding a better solution...
  5. Gagi2

    Per user music folders

    not sure if others have the same problem because no one ever answered in my topic yet but im aware of one (my) problem at least -> https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/externalfilebase-und-keine-suche-m%C3%B6glich.8093/ i personally havent found other problems yet
  6. Gagi2

    Per user music folders

    with symlinks for sinusbot and other applications its one folder with subfolders then even if they are located somewhere else on your harddrive and now you got me another idea just make a folder for your musiclibrary... with 2 subfolders... one for you and one for your friend... with ftp access...
  7. Gagi2

    Per user music folders

    maybe with symlinks user1 /home/sinusbot/user1 user2 /home/sinusbot/user2 musiclibrary folder /home/sinusbot/music/ with the 2 symlinks to the folders of user1 and user2
  8. Gagi2

    ExternalFileBase und keine Suche möglich

    Hi&Hallo... ich habe vor einer Woche unseren vHost mit TS und Sinusbot neu aufgesetzt und da dachte ich mir ich nutze nun die Option der ExternalFileBase gesagt - getan die Musikfiles wurden auch beim nächsten Start erkannt und eingebunden aber wenn ich im TS nun eine Suche ausführe nach...
  9. Gagi2

    EN looking for a script (web page)

    well.. then its not done by a webpage as he mentioned... then its a plugin for sinusbot these are two different pairs of shoes... im not familiar with tunakills ranking system yet... but imho the name would tell me it already contains the wanted function?
  10. Gagi2

    EN looking for a script (web page)

    more details.. like which webpage... there are plugins for various webpage systems like woltlab which can sync the user rank from the page to a servergroup in teamspeak etc
  11. Gagi2

    [Suche] Support Script TeamSpeak 3

    sowas könnte ich auch gebrauchen... da wir mehrere sektionen haben die wir nun supporten müssen und es die sache erleichtert dass direkt einer der passenden supporter drauf angesetzt wird und die nicht erst untereinander sehen müssen wer den nun der richtige dafür ist...
  12. Gagi2

    No Compatible version of Teamspeak

    its always about these guys who dont want to update their shit... doesnt matter if its teamspeak or whatever... which opens their servers to attackers more than just wide... theres a word for it... spam centrifugal :cool: these updates are there for a reason... so use them... or stop using it...
  13. Gagi2

    Solved Nur 18 Einträge in den Playlisten angezeigt

    Hi&Hallo Ich habe folgendes Problem: wenn ich zb 40 Lieder in eine Playlist packe werden in dieser immer nur die ersten 18 angezeigt EDIT: hat sich erledigt... man muss mit Strg+F5 aktualisieren dann zeigt er auch alle an mfg
  14. Gagi2

    Code: 413 Request Entity too Large

    have the same errors from time to time... im using apache with security.conf loaded (no modsecurity.conf present) which doesnt include 'SecRequestBodyAccess' at all suggestions?