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  1. Everlike

    [Suche] Support Script TeamSpeak 3

    Habe ein Skript was genau dies tut, es läuft aktuell auf meinem Teamspeak³ Server. Wenn der Nutzer dann mit der jeweiligen Zahl antwortet werden ausschließlich Supporter für den zuständigen Bereich angeschrieben, sobald einer davon den Auftrag dann annimmt wird der Supporter mit dem Nutzer in...
  2. Everlike

    TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter - Update to 0.2.2

    Changelog Just some Bugfixes, still doesn´t work perfect.
  3. Everlike

    Decision Maker - Update to 0.3 - now compatible with the scripting engine v8

    Changelog now compatible with the newer sinusbot versions and the scripting engine v8.
  4. Everlike

    TS3 Unused Channel - Deleter - Update to 0.2.0 (remake, compatible with new scripting engine, major bug-fixes)

    Changelog I completely rewrote the script. now compatible with the new scripting engine. finally (hopefully) fixed the datebase problems, no more loss of data! improved the warning system The script can add something like "deletion soon" to the channel name if the channel will be deleted in x...
  5. Everlike

    Hey, das hier ist dafür der falsche Platz, du kannst einen Thread erstellen, oder, was ich...

    Hey, das hier ist dafür der falsche Platz, du kannst einen Thread erstellen, oder, was ich empfehlen würde erstmal suchen. Du hast bei der Installation von sinusbot wahrscheinlich ausgewählt „nur Discord“. Also nochmal bei installieren und „Discord & Teamspeak“ auswählen.
  6. Everlike

    Help me !

    @sawit09z Just do everything as explained very detailed here. https://sinusbot.github.io/docs/installation/linux/ Does the path you showed me in your config.ini lead to your Teamspeak3Client? Why don´t you use a new version of Teamspeak as @irgendwr already said? You can also use the easy...
  7. Everlike

    Help me !

    Check the path to your Teamspeak3Client in the config.ini file.
  8. Everlike

    EN How to use http request

    Thank you very very much @irgendwr! I´ll try to understand it, but this helped me a lot to understand the process of communicating between the sinusbot script and the webpage! Huge Thanks! ❤😻
  9. Everlike

    EN How to use http request

    push. Edited the post, added some code snippets, may this helps, helping me out.
  10. Everlike

    EN How to use http request

  11. Everlike

    EN How to use http request

    Hello, for quite a while now, Iam looking forward to manage or at least show “databases” (stored arrays of objects) in a webinterface so it’s easier for me to see some data more clear. Unfortunately nobody could really explain me how to do so and I also couldn’t figure it out by myself. All I...
  12. Everlike

    Server got blocked (nope it didn't) (now yes)

    Do you have any firewall installed, such as ufw? Not sure but you may need to open port 443 due to this error. curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to update01.sinusbot.com:443 But not sure at all!
  13. Everlike

    Again, upcoming changes regarding the scripting engine

    Hey, nice to hear of these great changes! I´d love to test the new scripting-engine and upcoming versions of sinusbot as I find the time to! If an application or something like this is required, please let me know. What do you think? Do you have any ideas for improvements? May Iam the only...
  14. Everlike

    Server got blocked (nope it didn't) (now yes)

    You’re ofc not allowed to run more than one sinusbot! You can request an unban by sending information, such as your server ip to a staffmember.
  15. Everlike

    Is ist possible to host a bot on a different Server than the TS3 Installation of a guild?

    Yes, possible. You don’t need any license as long as 2 bots fit your needs.
  16. Everlike

    Hilfe bei Scripts

    LOGS! And this is the wrong Thread!
  17. Everlike

    Solved weird/random occurence with "backend.getChannels()"

    Oh my god, I now wrote this whole text, read it, and I just found the problem by myself. I have to put backend.getChannels() into another variable before, like this: function allChannelIds() { var allChannelIds = []; var allChannels = backend.getChannels(); for (i = 0; i <...
  18. Everlike

    Solved weird/random occurence with "backend.getChannels()"

    Hello, a few months ago I wrote my script "unused channel deleter", as I think a very useful one, at least for me. But it´s written really bad, even I don´t know what I did there when I look at the code, when I try to add or fix something. So, I have a major bug, for some reason, and...
  19. Everlike

    SinusBot Settings > Scripts is empty

    Logs would be interesting... so you see the script loading in the log but don’t see them in the interface?
  20. Everlike

    EN [Request] Message to all users w/ subscription function

    Well explained and good idea!