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  1. J

    can some one help me with this addon

    https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/youtube-search.56/ i cant get the api
  2. J

    google cloud

    can someone plz try to make this bot with google cloud VPS I cant add the youtube-dl python will lot load with them.
  3. J

    discord not playing (screen shots)

    so i get these errors and i tried it on a vps and my laptop but it still will not work and i tryed a older vershion that i had a working one but it still will not show up the channels and not sent errors.
  4. J

    should i make a video on how to set up the bot on a vps

    should I make a video on how to set up the bot on a VPS and how to download youtube dl
  5. J

    Solved discord info

    can i have some info on the discord part on this bot like does it have commands and that.
  6. J

    Solved youtube dl

    so I'm downloading a ncs playlist and I did it all right but all of them say 00:00 as the time (it's been 10 minutes) and i opened task manager and 2 to 4 youtube dl are open at the same time.
  7. J

    Solved Free vps

    So my understanding is that I can put this on a vps. Does anyone know a REAL free vps even if it is a 12 to a 1 year trial. Has to be windows.
  8. J

    how do let other people see the panel

    see title
  9. J


    how do i give other power over the bot if the url is still numbers