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    betterAFK - Added some Options

    Possibility to set kicktime to -1 to disable kickoption Added savetime after channelswitch to avoid failmoves caused by sinusbot bugs Recode of EmptyArrayHandling
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    betterAFK - (hopefully) FINAL FIX OF EMPTY-LISTS-BUG

    This update should finally fix the bug thrown by empty IgnoringLists. Let me now about other bugs/feature requests.
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    DE [Request] Anti Channel Hopping script

    Ich wollte sowas bereits schreiben, wurde dann jedoch auch darauf hingewiesen, dass es eben dieses AntiFloodSystem gibt. Ich finde persönlich aber, dass das nicht wirklich ersetzend ist, weil dann ja nicht nur ChannelMovement eingeschränkt ist, sondern auch alles andere und es dezent nervig ist...
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    betterAFK - Bugfix

    In this update I fixed some Bugs. - Sinusbot Idlesystem - Empty Ignoring Lists Still known bug: Could not send kick command%!(EXTRA string=HTTP returned an error: Timeout while waiting for callback; Code: 500; Message: Timeout while waiting for callback) Error in script (event setInterval...
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    GroupCounter - ChannelNameManager - GroupCounter - ChannelNameManager

    With this script you can display, how many users of a certain group a currently online (liveupdates). I'm using this to show, how many Supporters are currently online. You can set up one group for every channel (let me know if someone needs this to be extended). Example: Leave a review if...
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    YouTube - ChannelNameManager - YouTube - ChannelNameManager

    With this script you can configure channels which will be renamed configurable. You can show a YouTube subcounter, show if this channel is live on YouTube and show if a certain user is online in teamspeak. The full name is configurable. Every x seconds this data will be checked and the channel...
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    YouTube Live Notification - YouTube Live Notification

    With this script you can configurate YouTube-Channels and the script will check if this channel is live on YouTube if a new user enters the teamspeak. If someone is live, the new client will recieve a configurable message (containing link and name). At the moment I decided to only send these...
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    NotificationSystem - NotificationSystem

    This script allows you to bring up a small NotificationSystem on your server. You can configure a notificiation group and all messages. Now every time a user joins any channel, this script will check if someone is set in your config to be notified when someone joins this channel and check, if...
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    betterAFK 1.2

    With this Script you can easily move idle users into a configured AFK-Channel. You can select groups and uuids, which the bot should not interact with. You can also select channels as alternate AFK-Channels and the bot won't move clients out of these channels. After a certain amount of time...