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  1. Jean Santos

    How import a playlist via youtube-dl?

    Hi, It's all right? This may be an error in the address being supplied to the system, you have tried to remove the ínico http://www just http:// ?
  2. Jean Santos

    EN Custom Themes

    Hello again, Was currently working on sinusbot order to perfect my techniques on the platform, and with the passage of time, I visualized that have an area with various topics, however, my pergutna is .. At some point, for the free license, clan and/or commercial, will have the option to create...
  3. Jean Santos

    (Problem) sinusbot :<

    I found this difficult when I was trying to install on CentOS, after two days working on the SinusBot, able to create a standard template for creating new servers quickly .. I recommend you format your VPS and install Ubuntu 14 64bit, this may resolve the issue.
  4. Jean Santos

    Music folder

    Hmm .. The songs are encrypted? Because the name is replaced by something unconnected to the name of the .mp3 file .. There is a simple way to send several songs to the directory and the panel recognize them?
  5. Jean Santos

    Music folder

    Any news?
  6. Jean Santos

    Bot does not start

    sinusbot-0.9.9-f25ac00 Debian 7 - 64bit VPS ( Core i5, 8gb de RAM) None TS3Path = "/opt/ts3bot/TeamSpeak3-Client-linux_amd64/ts3client_linux_amd64" ListenHost = "x.x.x.x" DataDir = "" ListenPort = 8087 LocalPlayback = false EnableLocalFS = false LogLevel = 10 EnableProfiler = true...
  7. Jean Santos

    SinusBot Language Brazilian - SinusBot Language Brazilian

    SinusBot Idioma Português Brasil Instalação (PT) Baixe o arquivo br.json Mova ele até o diretório data/locales Abra a interface web do SinusBot e navegue até Configurações Pessoais. Escolha o idioma Português Installation (EN) Download the file br.json Move it to the directory data/locales...
  8. Jean Santos

    SinusBot Language Brazilian

    Jean Santos submitted a new resource: SinusBot Language Brazilian - Portuguese language Read more about this resource...
  9. Jean Santos

    How to localize SinusBot?

    Based only on Linux, it is sad .. There for windows? The platform I'm usufluindo right now.
  10. Jean Santos

    How to localize SinusBot?

    The 0.9.9 version when available?