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  1. Doggy Doggo

    EN Script told to stop but it's still running!

    Hey guys I am trying to create a few commands for my bot, the reason I am creating these manually is I don't want to give people full access and want to limit what they can do. Now here is the script so far https://pastebin.com/mxg4nuqY Now everything works fine, it identifies the blocked user...
  2. Doggy Doggo

    EN Invalid ClientID error.

    So I have made a command for my bot that lets anyone run a certain command. Now it used to work perfectly, but since the latest Linux Sinusbot beta it has stopped working. It is telling me "Invalid ClientId" Any idea whats causing it? This is the part of the script that is failing. var self =...
  3. Doggy Doggo

    EN [HELP] Setting Nick as Song Title with Radio

    Hey guys I currently have a script that changes the nick of the bot to the song title. It works for requested songs and for YouTube. Now it works for when I switch to radio, but when the song changes on the radio it doesn't update. Is there anyway I can do this? This is the code so far. Any help...