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  1. DJMaxx_

    EN Asking for a script.

    Hi there! I would like a script that gets ALL OF THE TEAMSPEAKS USERS on a server with a simple command ("!mha") and move them into the channel where the command has been executed. Thaaaanks you!! :)
  2. DJMaxx_

    Solved Bug when trying to connect the client on the server

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: Lastest TS3 Version: Lastest linux version Problem Description Hi guys. I have a problem when I try to connect the client on my server using web-panel. I've config all of the instance settings, but when I hit "Start bot" button, the client don't connect...
  3. DJMaxx_

    Bug EqueueYt doesn't work atm

    Hi, I would like to pitch my fload idea: It would be a command allowing at the same time to download and save a music from YouTube-dl but also put it in the queue because at the moment we can only or save the music and directly play it or put it in queue but not save it. EDIT: The command will...