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  • Happy New Year everyone! A new version (1.0.0-beta.16) is out for Linux, fixing an issue that could lock the bot up when using it with TS3. Please visit the resources section or the main page (https://www.sinusbot.com) for the new package.

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  1. CthulHUYC

    Music playback problem

    When I use the URL link, I can’t play halfway through the playback, and then I jump to the next song. This is the case for each URL’s song.Is there something wrong with my settings? 🤔 http://music.163.com/song/media/outer/url?id=1489254523.mp3 config: TS3Path =...
  2. CthulHUYC

    a manual update is required

    SinusBot version: 1.0.0-beta.13-dc94a7c windows 2019 server TS Client and Server version: 3.5.6 windows and 3.13.6 windows When I start ./sinusbot When I started the software, I got this reply "a manual update is required". I try to use commands: https://update01.sinusbot.com It returns...