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  1. Pringus

    Bug Weird behavior with "audio.seek"

    Operating System: Windows SinusBot Version: 0.9.21-217b2fe TS3 Version: Problem Description Using the "audio.seek" method doesn't work. The seek bar on the webUI shows the correct time, but after seeking to a different point, the audio starts again from the beginning. Here's the...
  2. Pringus

    EN "YTDL and YT" not working

    event.on('chat', function (ev) { var cmdTxt = ev.text.split(" "); engine.log(cmdTxt[0]); engine.log(cmdTxt[1]); if (cmdTxt[0] === ".yt") { ev.client.chat("Downloading " + cmdTxt[1])...
  3. Pringus

    EN Unclear documentation on 'Varibales' page

    This page: https://wiki.sinusbot.com/en:guides:features:scripts:variables I'm trying to understand how to use multiple-entry variables such as "tracks" and "strings." The user enters their information, and the items are separated into different blocks. Can I access these items as an array? Are...