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  1. UnwishingMoon

    Bug Bot with Same Identities

    When you create a bot with Sinusbot, it gives you a random identities, after a lot of times the bot have the same identities. Now you all want to know how I saw this. Simply, I entered into a random teamspeak3 (ts-n.net) and I saw that I had a bot as "Friend", I saw the identities and it's the...
  2. UnwishingMoon

    Italian Localization

    UnwishingMoon submitted a new resource: Italian Localization - Italian Localization for Sinusbot - Translated by Unwishingmoon Read more about this resource...
  3. UnwishingMoon

    EN [Request] Kick client on Join Bot Channel

    As title, I'm very bad as JavaScripting, I'm learning right now but I don't know how work at 100% so I want to request a help for making this. Is in beta and I'm waiting for optimizing and bug/help or something Sorry for Bad English -Moon
  4. UnwishingMoon

    Faster Music than Normal

    Sometimes, when I play a video like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkmrSXtSt84 the music go faster than in the normal video, I'm running 0.9.8 version on Ubuntu 14.10 64Bit and I don't know if in 0.9.9 versione this bug is already been fixed