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  1. xDefcon

    [FORUM STYLING] New width for pages

    Hello, i was wondering if a modification to the css of the forum could be made to have more readability. As other themes such as UI.X does, in order to improve the page readability (especially on large monitors) the max page width is set to something near 1200px. I suggest 1170px (such as UI.X)...
  2. xDefcon

    EN client.getOnlineTime() format?

    Hello, i was testing the getOnlineTime() method applied to a Client object, as written in the API documentation that method should return a "number" So i decided to test this method on my own Client object with about 2hrs and 30mins of online time. As a result i had: 6135524000 What format...
  3. xDefcon

    Solved getIP() method not working

    Operating System: CentOS 64bit SinusBot Version: 0.9.15-b20cc30 TS3 Version: Problem Description The getIP() method (as described in the new scripting API docs) should return the IP address of a specified Client object, also if the bot has proper permissions to see the client address...
  4. xDefcon

    EN Retrieve client IP

    Is there a way to get the client IP address? If not, why this this isn't implemented like client description, id, uid and others? I can't find anything about that, thanks for the help :)
  5. xDefcon

    Bug sinusbot.getNick() is not returning correct nick

    Version: Lastest beta on linux sinusbot.getNick() is returning me the nickname set in the control panel, also if on TS3 it is different... Code snippet var nick = sinusbot.getNick(); sinusbot.log(nick); Actual ts3 nick: (it is [♥] MUSIC BOT [24/7]111) Actual console output: (the console...
  6. xDefcon

    Why is this code snippet not working anymore?

    I need to send a private message to everyone, as i can't find a documentation about it, i saw a similar script by raphraph. What is wrong with this snippet, is this a bug of lastest sinusbot beta? (i think in old version worked). When i run it, sinus says "Can't chatPrivate of undefined" or...
  7. xDefcon

    BOT Stops playing after playlist ended

    I'm running lastest beta version on linux, and i have a bot with 2 playlists. i have ticked the options "play when idle" "play on startup" for a playlist that i want to play 24/7, but after sometime (probably when it ends) the bot stop to play. Have i to write a script to check if is playing...
  8. xDefcon

    EN How to send a chatPrivate() to everyone?

    Moved to: Bug Tracker
  9. xDefcon

    Bug SONGS in a Playlist with wrong title

    OS: Centos 7 Version: Lastest Beta for linux 0.9.10 (13 Feb) Description: I have 10 (for example) different songs, i want to select all of them with bulk mode, then drag in a playlist. This is the result. All the songs are now with the same title of the last song selected in bulk mode. This...
  10. xDefcon

    Bug setDescription not working on lastest version

    Used version: lastest beta 0.9.10 for linux OS: Centos 7 Description: On the previous version a simple script to set as description the current track info works. On the lastest 0.9.10 i can't see anything in console (also when log level is 10) and the script does not work anymore. The script...
  11. xDefcon

    Radio stops playing after some time

    I use 2 istances on my Ubuntu Server and when i use bots to play radios, after 1 hour the radio stops to play and i have to reselect it from webpanel. Is a common issue?
  12. xDefcon

    Soundcard not found?

    Perfectly installed on CentOs 6. When the bot connects to TS3 server it show no soundcard http://i.gyazo.com/f906f4bd8cc41c50440219410beeb8f9.png I just get this error on console: Could not send config EDIT: Full log with Loglevel=10 http://paste.ubuntu.com/11807539/ How to fix?