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  1. Lala Sabathil

    Upcoming Changes

    I think the limit will be removed or increased too. Because of that We’ll see.
  2. Lala Sabathil

    Upcoming Changes

    Immo nicht
  3. Lala Sabathil

    Upcoming Changes

    Das ist korrekt. Der Kram mit der Limitierung ist mehr oder weniger komplex und muss erst entfernt werden
  4. Lala Sabathil

    Upcoming Changes

    Thank you 😸
  5. Lala Sabathil

    Support++ doesnt work

    Hey there! First of all, script errors had to be posted in the discussion page of the script. Second of all, this error is a common beginner error. Search the forum, you’ll find it. Even google should give the correct result.
  6. Lala Sabathil

    SinusBot Problem

    Please don’t open multiple posts. Make yourself familiar with our faq and rules. Furthermore we can’t understand a thing. Consider using https://deepl.com if English is not your native or best language you speak.
  7. Lala Sabathil

    scripts problem

    Consider removing your screenshot, it leaks your IP address.
  8. Lala Sabathil

    Sinus Bot Free License Request

    We don’t give out free licenses atm. Please read the faq for more informations.
  9. Lala Sabathil

    Browse music files directly from pc

  10. Lala Sabathil

    Browse music files directly from pc

    Read the faq. You can define that in the config.ini
  11. Lala Sabathil

    install does not work on debian 11

    Would you please send additional details like logs, error messages and so on? We can’t help you without this info
  12. Lala Sabathil

    Can't Open Addons with Sinubot Panel

    I suggest you install addons manually The addon menu only works with licenses iirc.
  13. Lala Sabathil

    Solved Help to add a radio

    Next time please use only an own thread.
  14. Lala Sabathil

    Solved Teamspeak 3 Sinusbot problem, please help guys.

    I already know that you didn't searched. We had the exact same problem often enough. Even Google should give you the right posts when you search for the error. Please don't be lazy. We all do this volunteer and it isn't nice to say the same stuff over and over again. Start with the faq...
  15. Lala Sabathil

    Solved Teamspeak 3 Sinusbot problem, please help guys.

    Hey there First of all, we have readme before you post articles. Read them please. Second of all, this is a known bug. Use the forums search function, you should find the solution easily.
  16. Lala Sabathil

    Solved Login vom Adminaccount wurde geändert?

    Zusätzlich zu dem: Empfehlenswert ist es für den Admin account, wenn öffentlich erreichbar, ein Passwort zu nehmen dass random ist und es in einem Password Safe zu speichern und für tägliche Sachen einen Account mit eingeschränkten Rechten zu nutzen.
  17. Lala Sabathil

    DE Request: Terminerinnerung

    Eine zusätzliche Datenbank ist nicht nötig, da du die sqlite vom sinusbot mit der Scripting engine nutzen kannst
  18. Lala Sabathil

    Problem bei der Installation

    Bitte für einmal beide Befehle aus: apt-get update apt-get install -y x11vnc xvfb libxcursor1 ca-certificates curl bzip2 libnss3 libegl1-mesa x11-xkb-utils libasound2 libpci3 libxslt1.1 libxkbcommon0 libxss1 libxcomposite1 update-ca-certificates apt-get install libglib2.0-0 Ich glaube dir...
  19. Lala Sabathil

    Problem bei der Installation

    Bitte das loglevel erhöhen und einmal das komplette Log senden.
  20. Lala Sabathil

    Sinusbot not connect in TeamSpeak Sever.

    Please send me your IP via dm