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Solved Discord Installation help

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Hi, I am installing the bot, and this is my first time and I want to install it for discord, and I have made a application on the discord developer page like it says to do on the SinusBot page but all it is showing me is the Client ID and Client secret but it says it needs a token and there is no token there.
I'd appreciate if someone could help me!

Image of the discord dev page https://gyazo.com/ec9a28589513106953ed2016d0ca953f
SinusBot create instance https://gyazo.com/4e81b2ba2ab4d4606005b51055cb502f

System Info
Windows 10
SinusBot 0.9.18
Teamspeak 3.1.4


is reticulating splines
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=> "Create a bot user" on the discord page.

Also, please check out the Wiki.
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