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  • If you want to test the new SinusBot for Windows that is compatible with TS version 3.1 & the current Discord version, please use this version.

Internal Windows Beta (64bit) 0.13.37

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flyth submitted a new resource:

Internal Windows Beta (64bit) - The most up to date version of the SinusBot for Windows

This is the latest Windows Beta containing almost all of the functionality that has only been available to Linux users for the past months.

Make sure you have a the 64bit TS3 Client installed before installing the bot. Once you've started the bot, it will appear as an icon in the tray. Double-Click it to open the Interface.

Please report any bugs you encounter and feel free to suggest new features or improvements ;)

Thanks for testing and have fun!
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I really like it so far. A new feature/improvement I'd like to see is a option where you could select your region/area in the radio sattion area. Cause right now lets say I want the 101.1 I listen to, I cant get it from that search area and I'd think it'd be really helpful for other people.


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is awesome!
Not possible, because the radio station list is from dir.xiph.org and they don't provide such an feature. Just the name, gerne, URL, codec and bitrate are available;)


is awesome!
Hi, hätte noch einen Vorschlag für die Scripts:

Einige sind nicht mit der neusten Version kompatibel (viele Fehler in den Logs). Wäre es möglich, dass die Entwickler ihren Scripts Versionen zuordnen können und nur diese zum Download über das Webinterface zur Verfügung stehen?


"...free to suggest new features or improvements..."
Since you began to improve the scripts tab, then here's food for the brain :):
Now, that the scripts are enabled, their settings are displayed automatically, which is not very convenient, because there are scripts with lots of settings and scroll until all of them, you can have time to drink a couple of cups of coffee :D.
Perhaps, it would be more convenient, if put the setting under the spoiler, which is opened and closed by pressing on the name of the script, and the script is activated, as before in checkbox.


Not sure if this is the place to post but uhh..

I would like to see the web script separated from the bot so that we can use it with our own nginx/apache2 servers. I think that wold be a nice feature. Though for those who do not have a web server, or do not know how to or care to set one up, just allow them to use a built in / included one instead.

edit - found the section

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flyth updated Internal Windows Beta (64bit) with a new update entry:

Bugfix & Feature Release

  • feat(vm): add new interface to manage SinusBot accounts
  • feat(vm): add access to channel permissions (to modify required join power and such)
  • feat(vm): add access to servergroup permissions
  • feat(vm): add access to channelgroup permissions
  • enh: improve handling of ytdl requests; add option to allow chunked downloads
  • enh: improve consistency for terms 'bot' / 'instance' / 'client' (instance settings page, mainly)
  • enh: improve script event performance
  • enh: improve...
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Bonjour je constate qu'il y a un bug au niveau de la lecture de musique

La musique est bien lis mais exemple après 10minutes la musique stop que le titre fait 2heure

Même sur musique de 3minutesil y a des coupure le problème ne venant pas de ma connexion n'y d'u pc

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