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My server IP is mistakenly marked as shady


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I am a user from China.I applied for an aliyun server.This is the most used VPS server in China.
When I start ./sinusbot When I started the software, I got this reply
a manual update is required
I try to use commands: curl -v --no-keepalive --http1.1 https://update01.sinusbot.com
It returns a 403 (< HTTP/1.1 403) and HTML code
So I think my server IP is mistakenly marked as shady
I want to ask for help
Think you
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Hello @AIDusK & @PlayerFor,

I want to point out that the FAQ has the solution for you.


The subdomain exists and returns *edit* USUALLY *endedit*, as supposed, a 404-Error ;).
(If it wouldn't exist, there would be a DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN-Error.)

If you have other questions please reply or send me a message on the official SinusBot-Discord.

Best regards
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