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EN Searching: Script for Verification


I'm hosting a Fortnite Server, where I have server groups like: "Verified" "Age" "Fortnite BR" "Fortnite STW" "Battle Pass" and so on. When a new user joins the server, he has no access to any channels, he goes into a support room and a supporter verifies him by asking questions and assigning him the needed server groups.

I would like to have a bot messaging the new user when he joins the support room and asking him the needed questions and assigning him the server groups depending on his answers.

Bot asks: "Do you have the battle pass?" (possible answers: yes, no) and assigning him the needed server group.

My question is, is there any plugin to do this with sinusbot? I searched and googled but did not find anything that matches my needs. Like: Bot asks a question. User can answer with any of the pre defined answers A, B, C, D, E, F (as many as are configured for the question and every answer has its own server group)


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