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SinusBot version has expired?


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Hello @Komrk,

Do a clean install again, remove all SinusBot files first. Then install it as described in the wiki. Make sure all files have the correct permission.

Post the log files


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You can see the log in the dashboard. If you can not open the dashboard, then you have no clean installation or the file permissions are not right.


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I've completely removed the old folder itself. Downloaded a new install from the website, sinusbot-0.13.37.
I run it as Admin, and still get the same message.


stesso o lo stesso problema o reinstalalto la nuova versione come descritta poiché la mia era vecchia e tuttavia lo stesso problema persiste secondo la mia opinione sinusbot dal fatto che molti utenti stanno migrando verso il discord hanno abbandonato le versioni per quanto riguarda il teamspeak questa è la risposta più vera altrimenti non motiva il fatto che gli sviluppatori non abbiano rilasciato una nota del problema.


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Same problem here.. did new install... notice that the new install was same as old backup.. Still says need update. File i'm running is from 14 mar 2018(latest awaiable). Starting as adm, getting msg:

This Version Has Expired. Please download a newer version from the official SinusBot website and upgrade...

But there are no new version.. newest is 1 year old.. my PC is 2 month's :)


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Latest version can be found here - links on the website will be updated soon, but the newer versions are not that hard to find...