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EN [SOLVED] Teamspeak Server -> Telegram Who is online [EN]


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Hello Community,

i have a little script request, which i hope some of you might support plus iam willing to pay a little motivation bonus of 100€ to the successfull developer :).

Iam searching a solution i can check the Teamspeak Servers/Instances where Sinusbot is online for all online Users in Channels.

My Request is simple as i would like to send a telegram message to my sinusbot (telegram bot) with !status and i would like to get back the Channels with users online and their names.
Response should be like this:

Server 1
username 1
username 2
Channel 2
username 3
username 4
username 5
username 9
Channel 3
username 10

Server 2
Channel 1
username 1

Empty channels shall not be displayed.
The Script/Addon shall be fully customizable through the webinterface of the sinusbot. All required parameters like telegram bot id/token should be configurable at this place.

At first stage i would like to have the commands to the telegram bot all public, since the teamspeak servers mine is on, are public too. So basically any telegram user could message the telegram bot with !status and get the reply with who is online.

Everything shall be open source, my 100€ shall be only a motivation fee, i hope you like the script idea and maybe there is a motivated developer out there who likes the idea/solution and is interested to start developing.

Thank You


I love the fact that you say this should be Open Source 🥰
I think this might be quite a bit of work. But there might be someone ready to invest the time, I'm sure!


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I've implemented this, with the only exception being support for listing multiple servers via a single bot. This is currently not easily possible.
If that's a dealbreaker to you then I could look into finding a workaround but it will probably be very hacky, sooo dunno...
I've you're interested nevertheless, feel free to respond to the private message.


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is uber awesome!
Hello all,

iam glad that @irgendwr has written a script-solution for this.
@irgendwr : please feel free to share it with the community here / provide the link of your github if you'd like to share it.

Thank You all for your support and your interest in that topic.
Special thanks to @irgendwr