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Why are you guys so rude?


Sounds like you got an answer you didn't like or think we haven't treated you the way you expect us to.
Usually the staff and the community is really nice. We usually answer to whatever questions you have and we are very patient - even if you're a newbie.

Still, people answer in their spare time and get asked some questions over and over again, even if they have been answered well in the FAQ or on the forums in general. That really gets annoying fast. And because you just didn't search the FAQ or forums before asking on the chat or in a new thread, or posted a thread in caps only (and maybe with the words "FAST!", "ASAP!" or such), you're basically saying that you think your time is worth more than the time of the people you ask. And that is way more rude than just a short unfriendly answer. So please keep that in mind.

If you are such a user: next time, use the search functionality before you ask something. Read the "READ ME BEFORE YOU POST" threads (yes, they're in caps for that reason!) as well.

If you did some research before asking, please tell people that / what you did. If people are still being rude, there have probably been other users just before you asked your question, who didn't do research before. So please be a little patient in such cases and ask kindly again.

Last but not least: the users of this forum speak many different languages, many of them are not native English or German speakers. Politeness can get lost in translation really fast as can messages be interpreted as "rude" even if they're not meant to be. Calm down and try to do your best in understanding each other in such cases :)