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Latest reviews

Good Update, but i have a problem. The previous version had stopped when leaving the channel the music. Unfortunately, since the new update, the music not stops when no user is in the channel.
Hi, thanks!) Unfortunately, I do not know why your bot does not stop, my bot always stops playing when there is one left on the channel, both in the old version and in the new version of the script ...
Awesome script. :3
This is amazing and works perfect. :3
Feedback: Das Script Funktioniert sehr gut und Spammt den Server Log nicht mehr so wie das Uhrzeit Script mit den 4 Channeln ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen.

Vorschlag: Verschiedene Zeitzonen mit einbinden.

Feedback: The script works very well and spamming the server log no longer as the time script with the 4 channels I can only recommend it.

Suggestion: Include different time zones.

Sincerely, Max Nickel.
Greetings from Germany <3

And, about the timezones, I thought, every server has it's own timezone, I will look into that.
Genau das habe ich gesucht. Danke
A very good script
Das skript funktioniert super allerdings funktioniert die &spl funktion bei mir nicht.
Könnten sie mir bitte helfen das diese funktioniert dann wäre es perfefkt.
Danke für die Bewertung. Benutze jedoch eine von vielen Angebotenen Sportmöglichkeiten von uns. Danke.
Gutes Script! Wenn du es jetzt noch hinbekommst das die cover nicht so hart an qualität verlieren ist das mein absolutes favourite script :D
Good Mover. Only function i miss, to have whitelisted channels. If you have 3 AFK Channels, the bot won't move the users to the defined afk channel, because he is already in a different AFK-Channel
move back für idle wäre noch klasse, ansonsten top script!
Didn't use it for ages, testing it today and works like a charm again ;)
Very good update. Thanks
Unlike all your other stuff, that script doesnt work for me. I set it up but It only spits out invalid option, no matter what I do.
Could you PM me the commands you try to type pls?
Error in script (event: setTimeout callback): TypeError: Cannot access member 'toLowerCase' of undefined at Run (twitch_status.js:165:15) at twitch_status.js:160:25
I like this script and works very well, it would be nice to be able to customize the description that the bot changes, because I would like it in my language and without the minutes and seconds
Thanks for your review. If I find the time to do so, I plan to rewrite the script and add more features like this. :)
For !come in Scripts
Goes Away but !come doesnt work in Version 1.2 maybe because bot cant see every channel. Any possibility to let him check just channels he can see?
It works like a charm, you just need to edit the line 101 and remove:
+ "~" + rplUsername (not needed)
the format is : [URL=client://CLID/UID]username[/URL]
i think it can be good.

But i dont know how to setup this thing..

Can u say me what i have to put in to the field The Group with the permissions to run the command

Sorry for my bad english.

So i just put in this field the number 19 of join+ but what is means with permission?
Sometimes I can bug into a channel. I’ve tested this addon and it’s cool. Good job by the way.