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Really great script, needed something like this
The bot is excellent. I do have some suggestions that I would love to see added for the bot. First off, is it possible to make it so that instead of using the client's teamspeak name to add the server group, can it use the client' s unique ID so it can also add to offline clients? Also another suggestion, is it possible to make it so that you may add specific server groups to multiple clients at once. so for example !group "(Unique ID #1) (Unique ID #2) (And more unique IDs) "Server Admin". The brackets inside the first "" would separate one Unique ID from another.
Thanks for the review, unfortunately I don't have good news for you though..

You can't add a group for an offline client by UID via any other way than through Server Query, which is just pain in the ass for both the user and creator of the script.
Also I think I made myself clear on the main page...
"I won't push any updates, neither I will support this script anymore! Script may or may not work."
Funktioniert gut und tut was es soll. Leider kann ich aber nur 4 Sterne geben, da die Channel per Zeit ändern Funktion bei mir nicht funktioniert trotz mehrfachen versuchen auf einem Fertig eingestellten Teamspeak und einem komplett neuem Teamspeak.

(es liegt nicht an den Einstellungen des Teamspeaks und deren Ränge der Support ++ Bot nutzt Server Admin Query)

Sonst cooles Script 👍
wonderful script.