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For !come in Scripts
Nice, would be really good if you could implement the following:

!follow | Turns on: Follows a specific User in all channels he moves Unique ID (so only one pre defined user can use the !follow bot)
!follow | Turns off: Unfollows the user and moves into a pre defined default channel.
Es macht was es soll. Würde mich freuen wenn noch Bilder eingebaut werden könnten. Dann wäre es noch perfekter xD
Hallo ich brauche dringend hilfe unswar habe ich mein passwort vergessen kann ich es irgendwie abrufen oder kann ich es zurücksetzen wenn ja wie? Danke für das coole script!
? Starte doch das Script nochmal... Das Menü kann ich leider nicht vorlesen lassen...
Very nice.
Could you maybe put in the option to read/post the rank and not only the rank score?
Had minor troubles with me, even though this was my first time EVER using linux through VPS. Too easy.
Nice Script !
Is there a way to specify the group
so "this users get owner, this users get admin or any other and the other users dont get it ?
atm i only can say this users get this groups without split ?
Thanks! @Tyloendis already suggested this. I'll try to implement it as soon as possible.
Best ANTI-Plugin. Blocks every free VPN/Proxy
Thanks ;)
Funktioniert! Ich würde mich freuen, wenn man noch die TS Client ID vom Streamer hinterlegen könnte, damit dieser dann eine extra Gruppe erhält.
Freut mich das es klappt und jmd nutzt :)
Was genau meinst du mit der Ts Client ID und einer extra Gruppe?
Kannst mir gerne per PN schreiben. Danke!
I see very big potential in this script, nice idea!
Great Script! Love you're scripts, keep up the great work :)
Thanks! I'll try.
For !come in Scripts
2018-10-06T21:58:44+02:00 Error in script (event chat): TypeError: 'log' is not a function at come.js:93:37 at some (<native code>) at come.js:91:29 at forEach (<native code>) at come.js:89:25
How to fix it?
The All Music page is not changed. HEEELP
Works Great!
works excellent!
dident work
Don't work
Do what it should do, perfect! ;)
2018-09-28T14:08:11+05:00 Could not request createChannel: HTTP returned an error: unexpected end of JSON input; Code: 500; Message: unexpected end of JSON input

How can i fix it ?