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Läuft soweit gut. Wäre besser, wenn der Bot wieder dahin gehen könnte, wo er vorher war.
Perfect! Just what I was after.
Not working anymore.
It really does not seem to work, in the logs it says that everything is fine but on the teamspeak server it continues with "1" in the name of my bot

Sinusbot Version 0.14.3-0e747fd
Hey, everytime i try and create a game, the log just hits me with "/ NOTFOUND/NOPRIV", any ideas as to why?, still giving 5 stars cause it seems like an awesome addon.
Awesome software! :)
Seems not working, Server restarted, and active Bot has a 1 at the end. But in the Log, the crash helper, says, that all seems normal and dont change the name.
Klappt jetzt seit dem neuen Update wieder wunderbar und genau so wie es soll, danke! Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen sich das Update selbst zu holen ^^.
Thx :)
Thanks a lot! Can u add a feature to list top 5 or top 10 richest users on server in channel description or by command?
It is not planned yet
A must have for every TS!
Can u add a feature to multiplie boost gain money if someone is on specific channel?
It's already in the 1.6 update (that comes out very soon)
It's very good script, but can you add: unique id , server uptime, first time joined, users ip.
Add items (no server groups) to shop that are limited.

10,00€ Paysafecard (for 1000 points) - only 5 paysafecards available...

a user has 1000 points buys one of the five paysafecards through command. instead of getting a server group assigned, he gets a private message from the bot with the paysafecard code. (each of the 5 items has a different code). and once its bought the item gets deleted from shop
Will be working on it when I get some time
very very good software
An sich läuft es ohne Probleme aber ist ein unnötiges Duplikat zum schon bestehenden [URL=https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/auto-channel-creator.128/] Auto Channelcreator Skript [/URL]
great job, works perfect!
Wow! So ein tollen Script hab ich noch nie gesehen. Danke dafür :)
Es funktioniert einwandfrei!
Works perfectly, config is convinient, spam is no more
SUPERB great work Everlike! 5/6
A must have for every TS3