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Add support for groups with a space in their names)
You just have to read. Add quotes if you want group names with spaces. It is in the description..
If the Bot or User give a Player a Servergroup add Someone a Group it works nice , but if the Serverquery like Website gives a Player a Group the Script does not Detect the Group :/ would be cool if it get fixed
Detects and counts the actions but does not remove the groups and does not ban the abuser.
several fixes under development
Featured, pretty deep and detects my random VPN service.
I appreciate the fact that the developer listed the certain permissions that are needed.
Keep up!
Tells me that I'm ignored even though I didn't configure such thing yet.
Nice Script. Is it possible that when a user enters a specific channel with his faceit username he automatically receives the server group. I mean that the sinus bot auto fill the username part with his currently using username and execute the command automatically. I hope u understand. German Englisch xD
Works as intended.
I appreciate the option of not sending the triggering user a message (I leave it blank).
English translation would be appreciated.
Also, maybe the ability to choose groups that do trigger instead of groups that don't trigger (probably there are more of those) would make the script setup process lighter.
Awesome Script! Works perfectly!
Works really great! I would like to have an option to set up a delay for the msg/poke to allow other scripts give certain servergroups upon joining the server. Other than that, amazing (and allows more than one case!)!
Works. I would like to have the option to select specific server groups that when they move the user - the user gets the Sticky permission (group) until a user of the admin server groups moves the Sticky user outside of the channel.
I would also appreciate it if you could add an option to send the user a poke/chat message.
Also, it does not move the user back after they use AntiMove.
Thanks for the review! I will do my best to implement these features as soon as I have the time for it. :)
I really like the script and it works really well on my server. The only thing I would like is a little delay in the kick, as the users don't get any notification.
For an unknown reason, it only works when the user is sending the bot a message while being in the same channel as the bot.
If the user has the permission to execute the command, but is sending the command to the bot while not being in its channel - it will fail and tell the user that they don't have sufficient permissions.
Is anyone still using this?

Its not working for me, its spamming this in logs

2020-08-21T22:56:56+05:00 error on setTimeout/setInterval callback: Uncaught exception: ReferenceError: http is not defined at YouTube_ChannelNameManager:65:3 http({ ^ Stack trace: ReferenceError: http is not defined at getsub (YouTube_ChannelNameManager:65:4) at YouTube_ChannelNameManager:128:5 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at YouTube_ChannelNameManager:127:22