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Great but what can I do to turn on sending commands to server for everyone?
It's an incredible script! I hope that it could support more games (unturned, l4d2, csgo, etc.)
The specific cs go server(like when you host one yourself) work - however not querying generic server status of all steam servers for example.
Can't say anything for the remaining games since I have no servers available there
Realy good
Nice script! Rip headphone users
Only one thing missing is to change default "Autoplay vol" from 100% users preference.
Webinterface works, youtube-dl is functional, and i just created an api key for the youtube api but the search in the webinterface doesnt work
Danke, gutes Script was ich auch gern benutze
Thanks for the review!
Easy to use and working perfect!
Nice, thank devdanetra for your time ! <3
Works perfect! 😁
Works perfect! Thanks for that script.
Thanks for the share ! Question , I saw on the github datasource you use , can i get statistics from province ? Like in https://corona.lmao.ninja/jhucsse . thanks!
I saw a bit , and that would bea hard , i think that's more as a database and i should be loading every data and then filter it , i think it's kinda too much for a sinusbot script, you can do !coronavirus map and then there search it, keeping a province tracker is going to be hard.
Super schnelle Infos der aktuellen Situation! Schnelle Updates und es läuft wirklich sehr gut. Vielen Dank für das Update!
Sehr gutes Script! Kann ich jedem empfehlen, der viel wert auf Altersgruppen legt!
Script an sich ganz okay, würde aber echt beim Discord module "Discord Bot token" zu "Support++ Token" umbennen da dies zu Verwirrung mit dem discord bot token den man auf https://discord.com/developers erstellen kann der zu einem eigenen DiscordBot gehört
Ich find das Script Klasse. Mir stößt nur bitter auf, dass Musik anfängt zu laggen sobald der bot sich das neue Cover zieht.
Hammer. Weiter so.
Danke Glad-y
Wenn du wünsche für weitere Features hast, einfach an mich wenden :)
For !come in Scripts
Doesnt work, unless you've moved the bot to your channel before. If you change your channel then and call it again, it joins your previous channel. Therefore sadly unusable.