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    EN execute commands via sinusbot

    Hello, Am i able to somehow execute commands using sinusbot or using JS?
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    EN Database via sinusbot code

    i think so. :P
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    EN Database via sinusbot code

    Thats it! Thank You!
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    EN Database via sinusbot code

    Hey guys, i've got a little problem. <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen) VALUES ('qwe', 'zcx', 2)");</code> it works but i want to have a variables instead of 'qwe' 'zcx' and 2. ive tried this <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen)...