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  1. Aneko_Chan

    Sometimes you get those sparks of brilliance, to only remember that you're broke as hell soon...

    Sometimes you get those sparks of brilliance, to only remember that you're broke as hell soon after...
  2. Aneko_Chan

    HTTP Error 429 - I'm Blacklisted ?

    Also remember to use http:// links, not https:// the YouTube downloader has issues with secure connections :)
  3. Aneko_Chan

    I'm back from the dead.

    I'm back from the dead.
  4. Aneko_Chan

    The Xmas Give-Away

    Not sure if still possible, but hey, its worth a shot. The reason I want a licence (I'd even buy one if I was able) is so I can create multiple music themed rooms on my public teamspeak 3 server, its nothing fancy, not 400 members or anything like that, but its nice when we have a clan gaming...
  5. Aneko_Chan

    Solved SWF Radio Help

    You need to use direct stream urls, things that end with .mp3 and stuff
  6. Aneko_Chan

    Youtube Error Help me

    use http instead of https secure connections cause issues a lot of the time :)
  7. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Sinus bot cannot connect to updated servers

    Servers that are running the latest version of teamspeak automatically refuse outdated teamspeak clients, tough the fix is easy (Update your teamspeak client manually) Sinus does not automatically report this issue and instead says that the connection settings are wrong even tough they are not...
  8. Aneko_Chan

    Feature (FX) Sound Board

    The idea is plain and simple, is it possible to add a "Sound Board" so you can add sounds to already playing songs, or add sound effects to improve atmosphere? E.g add the sound of rain to make thing somber. or add a air-horn sound to scare the living shit out of people.
  9. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Bot is not starting

    Did you copy/paste the link, or did you use the proper path to the .exe to youtube-dl.exe and put that .exe in the folder correct folder?
  10. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Bot is not starting

    Or for visual reference: http://imgur.com/a/S5feE
  11. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Bot is not starting

    simply go to the user accounts, add a new account and on the drop down menu you can select the teamspeak user the account should be attached to, note that the user needs to be on the teamspeak server to do this tough :)
  12. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Bot is not starting

    Actually, just drag the bot into the chan he's needed in and save the instance, it'll automatically get the correct room id without having to mess with the theme stuff :)
  13. Aneko_Chan

    Solved Bot is not starting

    If you have Nvidia Ge-force experience kill all those tasks in your task manager, they hook into the web-end killing the local host page ;)