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Hello, I'm Caudex.

Since I'm using Sinusbot for Teamspeak only please don't ask me anything about Discord.

Provided that you speak German, please refrain from messaging me in English.
Should that not be the case, then you're welcome too.

In the past I've done most of the Sinusbot scripts for myself. Now, however I'm giving an occasional support. Since many scripts cost a lot of time to develop, I would like to receive financial compensation for this - unless the requirements are very simple. I think I'm not exaggerating by saying that I'm capable of doing quite everything possible by the Sinusbot API. From simple custom text messages to complex support systems or even games. Depending on the requirements from temporary local stored variables to MySQL or HTTP requests. There's even a possibility to communicate between scripts by creating custom Sinusbot events.

If you are willing to fund into your truly custom script please don't refrain from sending me a private message. See you soon ;)


[EN] If you found my contribution helpful you are welcome to show it via the Like-Button​
[DE] Wenn du meinen Beitrag hilfreich fandest kannst du das gerne über den Like-Button zeigen​


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