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  1. Firestone82_

    Solved Skipping from the webinterface of using !next isn't working

    Hi, I have same problem. When you restart the sinusbot from putty it works somehours without problem. After it. Queue stoped and working only when i type !next Any solution? PS: Sorry for my BAD ENGLISH :D
  2. Firestone82_

    Solved Update issues

    I Have this problem when i have Queue and 1 of song have ended, the second song wont to play. Any ideas to repair?
  3. Firestone82_

    EN A certain channel causes > Clear Queue and Stop Playback

    Hello, I need help. Can somebody create me a script that bot shoud do? I need.. When music bot gets moved to certain channel it will stop Playback and clear Queue. Can some Programator do this? I need help with it and i dont know how i can program that. Thank for answer and sorry for my bad english.