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Richtig super ^^
Einfach Perfekt ;)
Works as should, thank you.
I'm glad! Thanks!
Macht das Installieren/Updaten des Sinusbot super einfach.
Ich benutze es jetzt das fünfte Mal oder so in drei Jahren und bin nach wie vor begeistert.
Danke dafür!
Funktioniert mit der Alpha super!
Freut mich zu hören :)
Danke :)
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Works well.
Next, the images will also be displayed. :)
It's prefect but is possibile to add a message to send at user or poke in the script when a streamer go online?
Good but still have some bugs
Soweit Sehr gut genau das was ich gesucht habe läuft 1a
jetzt hbe ich ne frage gibts fürs ticketsystem nenn webinterface und wo bekommt man das oder was muss man machen oder muss man dafür die proversion von eurem supportsystem haben
Ist noch in der Entwicklung.
Next time give an example on how to use this plugin. I don't see how anyone can use this.
There is an example right on the info page and you also receive a generator which generates the regex string for you to enter in the text fields....
Very great update! - All new functions working great! - I love this script :3
Thanks dude! :)
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Das Admin-Interface funktioniert bei mir nicht. Könntest du mir vielleicht deinen Dicordnamen schicken?
Very Nice!
For !come in Scripts
!come doesn't work but !goaway works
It works well once you get it working but it's not very straight forward.

What you will need is the "youtube-dl.exe" just searching that and downloading the .exe will be okay. Then you will need to make an unrestriced API key for youtube. This can be done by navigating to the Google developer console (just google it) and creating a new project followed by credentials for the Youtube Data API (MAKE SURE ON YOUR SETTINGS FOR THE API THAT IT IS UNRESTRICTED) following this copy the API key.

Now navigate to your Bots addon folder and download "Youtube Search" go into the scripts folder and tick "Youtube search" now click the drop down arrow and paste your API key in the field. Im sure that the settings below that don't matter as much but mine are.

Action with YoutubeDL = Download
Playback action = Queue
Catch Youtube Links = No
Max youtube videos = defualt
Max youtube video duration = defualt
play random video = defualt
command trigger = yt
message format = [B]You[/B][COLOR=#ff0000]Tube[/COLOR] - Title: {title} - Link: [url={yt_link}]{yt_link}[/url] - By: {upload_by}

everything else default then scroll right to the bottom of the page and ensure you save your changes.

Following this turn your bot off and exit it in the system tray (bottom left)

Now navigate to where you installed sinus bot and copy the youtube-dl.exe into this directory. Now open the config.ini and find the line saying "falseYoutubeDL" change that to "trueYoutubeDL" and in the inverted commas next to that paste the directory to the .exe and ensure you have two backslashes instead of just one separating the files. Mine looks like this:

trueYoutubeDLPath = "C:\\SinusBot\\youtube-dl.exe"

After all that down. Start your bot make it join your server then simply type !yt song name into the chat with the bot and it should find, download then play the song you wanted. If it gives a search failed prompt then your API key is set up wrong. Like I said make sure it is unrestricted and that it is for the Youtube Data api. the api can also take up to 5 minutes or more to become active. But I set the bot up the exact way I described above and after trying 4 different API keys it finally worked.