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Online Webstream

Online Webstream 1.0

No permission to download
Gute Qualität, kleine Fehler im Script
Siehe Verbesserung von @Schaeffer
Danach funktioniert es.
small bug
add http://
in index.php
line 72
<audio id="htmlplayer" src="http://<?php echo $ipport; ?>/api/v1/bot/i/<?php echo $inst; ?>/stream/<?php echo $sinusbot->getWebStreamToken($inst); ?>" autoplay controls></audio>
and getImg.php
line 18
echo "<img src='http://".$url."' width='300' height='300' alt='Song-Image'>";
Other than a few minor things in the index.php file, this is a great web streamer for any sinusbot instance!