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  1. G

    EN getChannelGroup dont update

    Hello, I have the problem that in the following code the channel group is set only once. If you want to check the updated group again, the old value still exists. When the bot or the bot reconnects it will be updated and the code will do what it should do but after that you have to reconnect...
  2. F

    TS3 ServerGroup Assignment Notifier 1.1

    Plays an audio track when a servergroup is assigned. Multiple servergroups may be tracked Does not pause/resume music (may be added in future release) May or may not work on discord (untested)
  3. Runningcore

    TS3 The Group Assigner 1.2.0

    The script allows you offer your users the option to manage their group membership of configured groups on their own. Configuration: Permission Restriction This can be setup by using the group Ids which should be permitted to run the group membership management commands, in case you do not...