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default channel

  1. HarpyWar

    TS3 Virtual Default Channels 0.2

    Setup different default channels for different server groups. When user join a server it automatically will be moved to a specified default channel, according to his server group. It could be useful for large servers with set of groups. With an option which does not allow users join to default...
  2. Runningcore

    TS3 CountryManager 1.4.0

    This script offers you options to manage users based on their country with manual and automatic functions. some use case examples (more/multiple options are available if the full feature width used): assign automatically country groups to users based on their country automatically kick or ban...
  3. Diesmon

    TS3 Default-Channel+ 1.2.0

    If a channel gets empty the bot will move himself back into the default channel you selected. The minimum needed SinusBot version is: 0.13.37 Installation Move the script file to the script folder Install the OKlib from https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/oklib.325/ Additional features...
  4. VerHext

    SpecialLobby 0.1

    Features: [English] Create a default channel for specific server groups. They are moved upon entering the server in the right channel. [Deutsch] Erstelle einen Standard Channel für bestimmte Server Gruppen. Diese werden beim betreten des Servers in den passenden Channel verschoben. Update...